Who Is Dawn Sharpe?

I believe that web design is a useful tool to relay information about your business and services. More and more, I am seeing it is a vital component to an overall business plan to expand your business. The INTERNET is growing and advancing quickly, and will continue to grow. Often, customers look on the INTERNET instead of using other avenues to find businesses they wish to use. Combining a store front and an Online website, can help your business grow and expand. My plan for you includes establishing an INTERNET presence for your business to enable your customers who have moved out of the area to purchase your products. With the growth in our area, it is important to be able to locate some of our specialty shops, also. Combining all services available results in an increased profit margin for your business.

I have had a love of the INTERNET most of my life. I started programming in high school, when Basic was available. Around 1991, I was responsible for one of the BBS systems, which is equivalent to a chat room. I also took beginning programming classes, including Pascal during that time. Since 1991, the computer technology industry has grown dynamically. Information Systems and Technology changes constantly. I continually seek new knowledge, techniques and advances to help create a custom INTERNET site for your business. I also offer consulting services, when available. I use a network of people in the same field. I can offer referrals to network administrators, photographers, hardware specialist and web designers to ensure prompt service for your site and business.

I earned my first degree earned from Georgia Southern University in 1997, with a Bachelor of Business Administration. I also have a degree in Information Systems from Empire State College in New York (2013). I also have insurance designations and associate degrees including AINS (Associates in General Insurance), INSIT (General Insurance for IT and Support Professionals), and AIS ( Associates in Insurance Services). I have also taken courses on Risk Management. The courses I have experience with include: Network Administration, Database Design and Administration, Digital Arts and Design, Instructional Design, Operating Systems, Systems Analysis and Design, Systems Security, Disability Accessibility Opions (upon request) and Web Development. My web programming languages include PHP, Java-script and more. I also have experience with C++, and Java. Currently, I am learning C#. Once you learn one language, it is easy to switch to another language. In my opinion, information technology specialists should constantly learn and keep up with the developing market and trends.

During my prior careers, I gained experience with the following areas of business and development. Researched and Developed the CSR II at GEICO. I have worked in New Customer Orientation at McMahons Farm in New York. I helped Audit the Safelite Glass Claims Program at GEICO. I have assisted in monitoring the Ideas for Quality Program at GEICO. I researched the developed the introduction and mainance of the Glass Claims Internet Department at GEICO. I worked on user end development of the Online Safelite and GEICO Glass Claims Reporting System. I have worked with the private library system in New Paltz, New York to help develop a book loaning program. I am also working with several local businesses and businesses around the country to assist and grow their business. Each project is tailored to the specific needs of the client. Since each case is an individual case, wording and visual design will be tailored to your needs.

My community focus is filling a need. While a lot of employers request experience, I would like to work with those who do not have experience, but need to focus on building skills. I belive a tight team comes from developing each other's skills. No one has the same experience levels. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. I want to have a stronger team, with a lot of young individuals to refer to when needed. First, we have to make sure your job does not have a non compete clause. If you are graduating and need to work under a license, I can employ you, while you set your own fees. If the team is built correctly, we can hold training sessions for everyone. A lot of people are currently holding their own training sessions. You may be able to look around the community and find people who have different work experiences to serve as your mentor.